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We are your 5-star Google reviewed local garage door services company from South Florida. You can trust Pro Garage Doors to help solve your garage door needs within your budget.

In our daily life, we take house garage doors for granted. They are smooth and easy to operate while they protect our cars and the entrance to our homes. But when a home garage door doesn’t open, it instantly becomes a big problem.

We take pride in our work and hold each other accountable & offer a 1-year warranty on all labor performed during your repair or garage door installation service. We have our team of expert technicians right here near you in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.

A malfunctioning home garage door can cause injuries to you, your family, or your vehicle, while it is not securing your house as expected. Thankfully, a broken garage door does not necessarily need replacement with a new door. Most garage door issues can be repaired and regular maintenance keeps them working as new. For safety reasons, garage door repair is not something you should postpone—and with Pro Garage Doors at your service, you have no reason to.  

Pro Garage Doors USA in Florida is the leading company to repair garage door springs, fix your garage door opener, and provide repair service and replacement parts for any garage door issue you may be facing.  

As garage door experts based locally in Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach counties, FL, we provide reliable, honest, and efficient garage door service in the surrounding areas. We have our branded trucks on the road, loaded with replacement parts and driven by our Pro Garage Doors USA licensed and insured technicians. When you give us an emergency service call, our team is already on the way to your house to provide same-day repairs and make your broken garage door function as good as new.

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We know how important garage doors are. They keep your family, home, and cars safe from the elements and keep intruders out. When your garage door doesn’t work, your home is exposed. We strive to deliver same-day garage door repair service because we get in our customers’ shoes and can understand how you feel. 

High-quality garage door systems have been designed to withstand at least 10,000 openings. After that, door openers, torsion springs, bolts, and seals might break and require repair. Regular maintenance ensures that your garage door and opener work smoothly for years. 

Give us a call today to learn what the optimal maintenance is for your garage door and get a free estimate! And if your garage door needs immediate repair? Call us and we are already on our way!

Pro Garage Doors USA is the top local garage door business you can trust

We have the expertise

Here at Pro Garage Doors USA, FL, we have the expertise to install and repair any residential garage door. The manufacturer, size, or material doesn’t matter because we work with all major garage door manufacturers, and our trucks are stocked with the most common replacement parts. Our licensed and insured technicians have the know-how and the parts to fix your garage door on call and in one single visit.

We own our trucks and our technicians are our employees

All our vehicles are owned by Pro Garage Doors USA. Our trucks are loaded daily with all necessary parts: springs, belts and chains, logic boards, sensors, trolly kits, universal remotes, garage door openers and replacement parts, universal keypads, and more. We have replacement parts for all major garage door manufacturers, brands, and models.

Our trucks are driven by our own personnel. We run thorough background checks when we hire our employees and technicians. We also train our technicians to deliver the best quality service to our customers. 

We do not subcontract our work because we want to be certain about the quality and efficiency of our garage door installation and repair services. We train our personnel to offer you the best customer experience possible.

We are reliable and responsive

We take great pride in our work quality and ethic. We respond to all phone calls and online messages and offer same-day service to our customers. When you call, we show up. We know that a fast, reliable, single-visit repair of your home garage door is important to you and your family. We are proud of the customer reviews we get—a testimony to the excellent customer service we offer.

Pro Garage Doors USA provides all types of garage door repair services

Garage doors might seem like complex machinery to you but to us, it’s our job and expertise. We have installed, repaired, fixed, and replaced garage doors, door openers, torsion springs, and door panels throughout Florida. There is no problem that we haven’t dealt with, providing high-quality repairs.

Garage door spring replacement

Your garage door relies on torsion springs to open and close. When a spring starts to fail, the garage door doesn’t open properly or it may close too quickly or too slowly. That’s dangerous because it could close on your car or a person. 

Do not attempt to replace broken springs on your own as you could injure yourself. We are here to service your emergency call and provide same-day repair safely and efficiently. 

Garage door opener repair or replacement

Issues with the garage door opener may mean that the door is not opening all the way up. 

Most common garage door opener issues can be due to malfunctioning safety sensors, a worn-out gear, or a broken belt or chain. The weight of steel garage doors could also strain the door opener. Our technicians carry most common replacement parts in their trucks and assure same-day repair. We can replace the opener motor safely in the shortest delay.

Remember that most garage door openers fail at about the 15+ year mark. If your garage door opener has been functioning for a long time and starts having issues, an opener replacement may be necessary. We carry new garage door openers on our trucks and can have same-day delivery to your home. 

Noisy garage door

When your garage door makes worrying noises when opening or closing, you know something is amiss. 

Grinding, slapping, vibrating, screeching, squeaking, rattling, or rumbling noises are signs that parts of the garage door mechanisms are failing. Our technicians at Pro Garage Doors USA will instantly know whether it’s loose chains, broken springs, faulty door alignment, or the rollers and offer service immediately.  

The garage door is looking crooked

If your garage door is opening up lopsided or crooked, you need to call Pro Garage Doors USA to re-align it. 

If your garage door is stuck, it is most likely off track. This is usually caused by one of the cables getting loose off the drums. This is part of your torsion bar assembly parts. In this case, do not attempt to operate your door as it could fall on you and injure you. Give us a call for immediate service.

Other causes of a misaligned garage door are the springs, cables, or tracks which require special attention. 

Roller problems

Rollers move the track of your garage door every time you open or close it, so it’s no wonder they get worn. 

It is best to replace your rollers before they are completely broken and out of use, otherwise, the damage could be significant. Contact us today to schedule maintenance for your garage door in time.

I see light under my garage door

Your garage door is equipped with a sealant at its bottom to prevent water from coming in. Sealants keep your garage weather-tight. If you see light under your garage door, it means the sealant is broken and your garage door is not waterproof anymore. A broken sealant is also a security issue for your home. 

Pro Garage Doors USA will come and replace your door sealant right away.

Hurricane-proofing your garage door

Florida is a blessed state but we do get hurricanes, storms, and high winds. Garage doors, because of their size, are vulnerable to hurricanes that can pull them off their tracks. If your garage door is compromised during a storm, water may build up in your garage. This puts your cars and home integrity in danger. 

There are now Florida laws requiring that your garage door should be hurricane-rated. We can hurricane-proof your existing garage door or install a wind-resistant hurricane-rated garage door for your home. We have a wide range of hurricane-rated doors to keep you compliant with Florida state law and protected against a dangerous situation for you and your family.

Furthermore, there are hurricane braces and panels that can be installed in preparation for an upcoming storm or hurricane. Contact us today on the phone or online to learn more and gain peace of mind in view of any emergency situation.

How garage doors protect you and your property

Garage doors protect your home from the elements and intruders. They make it easy to enter and exit the house without exiting your car. At the simple click of a button from your remote, your garage door opens up smoothly so you can park your car in a protected area and access your home safely.

Garage doors also have aesthetic appeal. A well-maintained garage door increases your property’s curb appeal and your home’s value. According to Remodeling magazine, up to 94% of the installation cost is recouped thanks to the increase in the property’s resale value!

Finally, quality garage doors insulate your garage from heat and protect it from noise pollution. If you use your garage for more than parking your car, insulation is necessary to offer you a pleasant space to work out or work on craft projects.

Are you living in Florida and looking for the top garage door company in your area? Whether you need repair service or garage opener replacement, Pro Garage Doors USA has the know-how to service and repair all types of residential garage doors. We carry all the necessary replacement parts on our trucks and can make your garage door as good as new on the same day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer same-day garage door repair appointments?

We are local to the service areas and our fully-stocked trucks are constantly on the move, answering calls and providing garage door service in Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach counties in Florida.  

When we receive a call about a garage door emergency, we strive to give a same-day appointment. We know how challenging garage door emergencies can be, especially because they usually happen at the most critical times. If you need garage door service, get in touch with us.

Do I need a lock on my garage door?

Modern garage doors are equipped with electric openers that open and close the door with the command of a remote. It would be very difficult for an intruder to manually lift a 200 lbs steel garage door that is securely closed, as long as the remote is safe. 

Some older garage doors could be opened manually from the outside. In this case, a lock is necessary for maximum safety. 

We can install a garage door lock if it makes you feel more confident about the safety of your family and gives you peace of mind.

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Pro Garage Doors has installed about 20 doors for my company. Always professional, on time. Great communication. Competitive prices.

Peter Lagasse

Absolutely awesome and professional sales & service. Took the time to explain all steps. Will definitely call them for future needs. MOST STRONGLY RECOMMEND THEM.

Ralph YA

Excellent service, Ben was phenomenal. He worked fast and had reasonable pricing. Highly recommended.

J Simms

What a great experience with this company. My daughter drover her BMW through the garage door. These guys were able to have a replacement custom sized door manufactured and installed in 3 weeks. The price was very fair. Ben was a pleasure to work with. Will use again!!!

Pedro Torres

He was very professional. I think it’s a good pricing to. I will call back if I need you.

Abraham Alon

I highly recommend Pro Garage Doors Company!!! My new garage door install was a pleasure.
Ben, the Company owner truly takes pride in his work. His employees where professional, thorough, and friendly. The job from start to finish was performed without any problems. A few days later, Ben called me to make sure I was happy with the install, and I was!

Arnold Garguilo

Ben was very nice per our first phone conversation and we were booked quickly for our situation. We appreciate it. The person who came out was great! Fixed our garage quickly and we are very pleased. We are moving however, we are definitely going to call Pro Garage Doors if we need them in our new home. We highly recommend them!

Renee Kelter

Great experience, very impressed with their service. They are fast, honest and reliable. I had my door checked for estimate on a Saturday, they have the best price out of all the other places i called, so I said lets do it. My new garage door was installed 2 days later! I definitely recommend them, look no further they are the best one around!

Jicelle Ehrlich

I have used Pro Garage doors multiple times and have recommended them to neighbors and friends. One word I can use to describe them is RELIABLE. They keep timely appointments and their prices are fair.

Frank Martin

So far so good. I will update if breaks. I called at around 3 PM and they said they would be able to come the next day at 11 AM. The technician replaced broken spring for 400 and rollers for 75 bucks. Now the garage door is opening and closing well.

Victor Lar

Fair prices and superior service. Ben was absolutely great to work with. He calls to let you know when he will arrive and then arrives right on time. He is honest, providing professional guidance on what is needed to get your garage door working properly again. I will most definitely use Pro Garage door again, if needed, and will be recommending them to my family and friends.

Steven Argiento

I would definitely recommend Pro Garage Doors. Ben came on time, did a excellent job replacing my garage door springs and rollers. Very happy with his work!


This is exactly the kind of service you expect to get with every vendor you hire! Perfect from beginning to end. Came on time, sent proposal timely and it was clear the times of installation and exactly what to expect and when.
Thank you Ben for addressing all our concerns. Great working with you guys!

Daniela MB

Highly recommend. Needed new garage door opener machine. Called 5 other companies who all claimed I had an 8 ft door when Ben the owner said it was 7. His warranty + prices beat everyone. He gives a company 2 year service vs 1. I also bought a model that included 2 remotes + a keypad with a lifetime motor warranty vs 5 yrs from everyone else and I still saved $90 from the lowest other company. !!! He's insured + licensed. Ben is great on customer service, on time + efficient. Easy to deal with.

Dana Esq Avatar Dana Esq

This is exactly the kind of service you expect to get with every vendor you hire! Perfect from beginning to end. Came on time, sent proposal timely and it was clear the times of installation and exactly what to expect and when. Thank you Ben for addressing all our concerns. Great working with you guys! 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Daniela MB Avatar Daniela MB

I highly recommend Pro Garage Doors Company!!! My new garage door install was a pleasure. Ben, the Company owner truly takes pride in his work. His employees where professional, thorough, and friendly. The job from start to finish was performed without any problems. A few days later, Ben called me to make sure I was happy with the install, and I was! Sincerely Arnold Garguilo.

Arnold Garguilo Avatar Arnold Garguilo