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We specialize in garage door opener repairs and replacements in South Florida. Our technicians carry most common replacements parts on their trucks assure efficient repairs and replacements. We also order special parts upon request, we do what fits YOUR needs, not ours.

The garage door opener is the center of your garage door system: it opens and closes your Florida garage door, letting you in and out of the garage in your home or business.

Most homeowners utilize garage spaces as the main entrance to their home so a properly functioning garage door makes your life safer and easier. 

Most residential garage door openers should last for about 10 to 15 years, provided they are installed and maintained by a reliable garage door company. Call today for your broken garage door opener, and Pro Garage Doors will arrange a service call to inspect and repair your broken door opener or any broken garage door springs. Our company is serving Broward County, Palm Beach, Fl, Miami, Fl, and surrounding areas.

Contact us today and our honest and trained employees will tell you if a door opener repair is possible or whether you need to have a new garage door opener installed. In any case, you can trust our technicians to give you sincere and reliable professional advice about your garage door opener. We have many years of experience offering hurricane-rated garage door services in Florida for many types of garage doors, including steel garage doors and wood garage doors. The quality services we provide include high-precision garage door opener installation, spring repair service, and garage door replacement. Our work is guaranteed and local customers often give us a super-service award for door repairs on their garage door installations.

Did you know? Most garage door openers tend to fail at approximatly the 10+ year mark. If your garage door opener has been functioning for a long time and having issues, you might want to consider replacing your garage door opener. We carry new garage door openers on our trucks, call Pro Garage Doors and a garage door opener expert will be on his way to you.

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Signs that my garage door opener isn't working and in need of garage door repair

We are used to pressing the remote button and having the garage door open smoothly. When something goes wrong, we immediately notice it.

The garage door doesn’t open

No matter how much you press the remote, the garage door won’t budge. If you have checked the sensors and the remote batteries and you know that the door is properly balanced, then you probably have a malfunctioning garage door opener. Just phone Pro Garage Doors, for a free quote and to learn more about our amazing customer service and garage door repairs in Florida. 

The garage door makes strange noises

A garage door should never make strange noises. If you notice that your garage door makes creaky noises when opening or closing, you should get in touch to have the opener checked. 

The opener shakes in place

Take some time to observe the garage door opener from the inside. Does it shake in place? Is it vibrating? The opener may be coming loose off its track or it might be worn out and overextended. 

The garage door opens and closes on its own

Have you noticed your garage door opening and closing on its own? Besides the obvious safety problem—your home entrance is open to intruders—a half-way opened garage door is dangerous because you don’t know if, at any point, the door will close on you, your family, or your cars. 

If there is a glitch with the opener, give us a call and a Pro Garage Doors technician to come and inspect it. 

Your garage door opener is past 10 years old

Our technicians at Pro Garage Doors will always strive to give you the most affordable solution. If your garage door opener can be safely fixed and we know that we can extend its lease of life, we will repair it. 

However, there are cases when a garage door is too old and it’s unsafe to repair it. We will then discuss your door replacement options and give you honest professional advice and free estimates.

What size garage door opener do I need?

The size and strength of the garage door opener depend on the size of your garage door. For a single sectional door, 1/2 hp should be fine. A double sectional door requires 3/4 hp so you don’t overwork the opener. Bigger models may need up to one-and-a-quarter hp.

What sort of garage door opener should I choose?

There are a few main types of garage door openers for you to choose from. 


The chain-driven garage door opener is the most recommended choice. A chain drive offers the strength and durability of a chain link system. This system is the reliable and preferred choice for hurricane impact doors. 

We offer several different Liftmaster garage door opener options, we even have some that are just as quiet as the belt drive.


Belt-driven openers are smooth and quiet. They are a great option if you use your garage space for activities such as laundry, exercise, or even as an office. You should opt for a belt-driven opener if your garage is located below a bedroom. 

We carry several Liftmaster belt-driven models with some of the latest technological features.

Wall-mount garage door opener

Specialty Liftmaster side-mount jackshaft garage door opener adds a clean, sleek look to your garage by installing it directly onto the torsion bar. This eliminated the need for the traditional overhead garage door opener and rail, adding space to your garage.


Garage door openers are improving

If your garage door opener is nearing the end of its usable lifespan, you could invest in a new opener with improved features. 

MyQ technology gives you alerts about your garage door on your smartphone. Modern openers can be operated remotely via Wi-Fi. If you have a delivery, you can remotely open the garage door and close it when the delivery has been made. 

In states like Florida where storms can often incapacitate the power system, it is good to have an opener with a battery backup. If the power is off, you will still be able to open and close your garage door. You won’t have to worry about getting your cars in and out or closing the garage door with a storm fast approaching. 

Modern garage door openers also have improved security features. They are quieter and smoother and have soft start and stop activation features.

We take pride in our work and hold each other accountable & offer warranties on all labor performed during your repair or garage door installation service. We have our team of expert technicians right here near you in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.

Pro Garage Doors in Florida

Pro Garage Doors services the Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward areas. Our trucks are fully stocked and our employees are constantly on the move.

Our branded vehicles are loaded with replacement parts of all brands and makes, so we can fix or repair your opener in a single visit.

Trusted and trained garage door technicians

Our technicians are professional and well-trained, so they will give you the most suitable advice. 

When an opener can be repaired instead of replaced, we will tell you so. We value honest and knowledgeable advice: if only components of your opener require replacement, we will do so. Our customers trust us for our loyalty and workmanship. 

If a manufacturer has stopped making openers, like Wayne Dalton, we will strive to find new replacement parts before we entertain the idea of replacing them.


As a top garage door installation and garage door repair company in Florida, we offer warranties on our labor as well as manufacturer’s warranties on all new parts we install on business and house garage doors.

We install all major garage door brands such as Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Stanley, Skylink, Craftsman, and Linear. 

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Most owners depend heavily on their business and residential garage doors. To them, a properly functioning garage door is both a question of safety and ease of access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How strong should the garage door opener be?

A 1/2 hp garage door opener is sufficient for a single sectional garage door. For a double one, we suggest a 3/4 hp opener. For larger and heavier doors, particularly for businesses and industries, a 1 hp to 1-and-1/4 hp is more appropriate.

Should I choose a belt drive or a chain drive opener?

Chain drive openers are sturdy machines that require little maintenance. They are also cheaper than belt drive openers. 

Belt drive openers are smoother and make less noise, compared to chain drive ones. If your garage is situated near a bedroom or close to a living room, you should opt for a belt drive opener as it will be quieter.

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Highly recommend. Needed new garage door opener machine. Called 5 other companies who all claimed I had an 8 ft door when Ben the owner said it was 7. His warranty + prices beat everyone. He gives a company 2 year service vs 1. I also bought a model that included 2 remotes + a keypad with a lifetime motor warranty vs 5 yrs from everyone else and I still saved $90 from the lowest other company. !!! He's insured + licensed. Ben is great on customer service, on time + efficient. Easy to deal with.

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This is exactly the kind of service you expect to get with every vendor you hire! Perfect from beginning to end. Came on time, sent proposal timely and it was clear the times of installation and exactly what to expect and when. Thank you Ben for addressing all our concerns. Great working with you guys! 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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